Thrift shopping


Yesterday I went thrift shopping. I went to two thrift shops, first stop was Episode and later Ruby Lee Vintage. The lady who works there was so nice, really good vibes! I found a scarf that I will wear as a top and this brown sailor hat at Episode. In the second store I found a pair of vintage Levi’s shorts, so happy.

I really love vintage shopping because it’s way more fun and you kind of have to be lucky to find something in your size and style. Also, it’s way better for the environment to buy second hand.

Have a great Sunday babes!


Rainy Tuesday


mary Josie
It’s a Tuesday afternoon and it’s raining. I thought we would get a super hot summer this year but this season is slowly turning into (a too warm and wet) fall. I would love to get on a plane right now in stead of waiting one more month to go to Los Angeles. This is going to be my fifth time visiting this city. Some may think that’s boring but there’s so much to see in California and every time it gets better and better.

I just finished working, not a lot to do when it’s constantly raining outside so I decided to chill inside and catch up on some blogs. I really forgot how much I enjoy blogging sometimes so I can’t wait to share my adventures in LA  next month. Also, will post more style and interior related posts!




The ocean


I have this burning desire inside of me. It’s a familiar feeling, like the feeling you get when you see your crush or when you are going down on a rollercoaster ride. I know it sounds cliché but it empowers me so much, it’s crazy. Seriously, I have no clue where it’s coming from and I have no idea why it’s there in the first place. Must be the universe telling me there’s so much life inside me and life is worth living it.


70’s inspired lookbook


70'S inspired

I’ve been obsessed with the 70’s aesthetic for a while now. There’s just something about the seventies that makes me feel so happy and free. I had to study the make-up and hairstyles of this era when I was still in school and I just fell in love. Anyway, I created a seventies inspired lookbook and I had so much fun shooting it, it’s been a while since I really enjoyed filming a video like this. I guess it’s more about showing my true self  and interests rather than the specific outfits.  I hope you like it :-). Continue Reading




On Thursday I went on a little day trip with a real Volkswagen van. I’ve always wanted to do a little roadtrip with friends, so I can get that off my bucket list. Some good food + nice weather + great company = the perfect summer day. We had so much fun driving around, I wish the trip lasted longer! Hopefully, one day I’ll get my own Volkswagen van to drive around in. Continue Reading