Official Opening Primark Arnhem

pri2Good morning babes, yesterday I was present at the official opening of Primark in Arnhem. I had to wake up really early but I really wanted to go. The event started around 9:00-9:15, there were a lot of bloggers, press and people standing outside waiting for the store to open. I had the chance to get an exclusive sneak peek with other bloggers and of course I shopped a little..


My Make-up Inspiration book

ppI love looking for inspiration for make-up looks. On Weheartit, Pinterest etc. I really wanted to bundle beautiful images and pictures of make-up. So whenever I feel uninspired I can grab my book. I made a book via Webprint. Webprint is a website where you can make and design your own photo albums. I got a little creative and made my own inspiration book: (meer…)

Photo Diary #49

DesktopWho would’ve thought that school would be the highlight of my week? Not me! I had a very relaxed week with not a lot of things planned. I worked on my blog, went to school and re-decorated my room. Next week will be more exciting I promise, haha.


5 reasons I wanna go back to New York City

DSC070614 years ago my mom and I booked a 5day city trip to New York. But that was 4 years ago and I was most interested in shopping at Abercrombie and eating a burger at the Hardrock cafe. But 5 days is way too short to discover New York and 5 days is way too short to really live in the moment. I wanna go back and this is one of the reasons:

OOTD – Pearls are forever

Happy sunday! I am spending my sunday morning with my cup of tea with honey and reading my favourite blogs. Would you girls wanna see another Blog Crush? I haven’t posted any of my favourite blogs in a long time, I love discovering new blogs and sharing them with you girls. After breakfast I will probably be watching 4 episodes of Gossip Girl. I know I am late but I am finally addicted to the show.  (meer…)

MAC Russian Red lipstick review

Today I wanna talk about my favourite red lipstick: Russian Red by MAC. I have bought this for a friend when it was her birthday and I have recommended this lipstick to some other bloggers. And of course they loved it as well. Russian Red is a beautiful matte red lipstick. I fell in love with the color instantly and now it’s time for a review:

OOTD – You’re like nothing I’ve ever known

7Good morning everyone, I am a big fan of dressing up for fall. Big coats, hats, dark lips, a lot of eyeliner. I like to mix cute and fluffy with sexy and leather. I need a new pair of leather pants that are skinny, I think these have become a little too loose. I’m not sure if I want to keep or return this coat. It is really warm and soft and I don’t really have anything like this so it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. What do you think?

My first day at Mieke Petiet make-up school

Tuesday was my first day at my new school; Mieke Petiet make-up school in Amsterdam. I had to wake up around 6:00, it was tough haha. But I was also very excited so that made it a little easier to roll out of bed. It takes me 2 hours and 33 minutes to arrive at school, it’s a long trip but it’s all worth it!  (meer…)

My big fat beauty-wishlist

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 21.40.57
Yesterday was my first day at my new school ( make-up arts ). It was so amazing and I was really impressed with what one can teach in a day about make-up. I will tell you more about my new school later this week. As a make-up student I get a pass for MAC with a 20% discount, how great is that! I got a lot of other make-up and stuff for my training but I still need and want a lot of other stuff (of course, make-up junkie ).

OOTD – Could’ve been your princess

oHello babes, how are you? I wanna show you an outfit I wore a couple days ago. I love to wear lighter colors again, last year I was all about the all black everything (still am, just not yet). So glad it’s still sunny in The Netherlands because I love it when it’s sunny but it’s kinda cold (favorite kinda weather!). Anyway, I don’t wanna be talking about the weather so here’s my outfit:

Photo diary #48 New job, huge macarons and MAC

A lot of cute bracelets, huge macrons, a new MAC lipstick, pretty flowers and a new coat. A lot of goodness in this weeks photo diary. It was my last week before school starts so now I can say that summer vacation is finally over haha. I am so ready for school and I can’t wait to learn so much about make-up. And I also cannot wait to take you on my adventures. But first; last week adventures: (meer…)

SHOPPING: bracelets from

parizA couple days ago I  received a really cute package from My Jewellery. I ordered some cute bracelets because I don’t have enough arm candy and I really needed some more. I love to wear a lot of (colorful) bracelets when I am on a vacation (Greece next month yay!). I picked out 3 different bracelets that look very cute together in my opinion.


CLOSED win-actie: Beauty & Fashion pakket (NL)

winnnGisteren vroeg ik op Facebook en Twitter wat jullie liever wilde; een win-actie met veel fashion of met beauty. Maar nu heb ik een pakket samengesteld met voor ieder wat wils, woohoo! Er zitten mooie merken tussen zoals Benefit, OPI, Art Deco en Yankee Candle. Dit zijn ook absoluut mijn favoriete merken :-). Ook zitten er nog wat items verstopt, zo houden we het nog een beetje spannend! (meer…)