Photo diary #48 New job, huge macarons and MAC

A lot of cute bracelets, huge macrons, a new MAC lipstick, pretty flowers and a new coat. A lot of goodness in this weeks photo diary. It was my last week before school starts so now I can say that summer vacation is finally over haha. I am so ready for school and I can’t wait to learn so much about make-up. And I also cannot wait to take you on my adventures. But first; last week adventures: (meer…)

SHOPPING: bracelets from

pariz A couple days ago I  received a really cute package from My Jewellery. I ordered some cute bracelets because I don’t have enough arm candy and I really needed some more. I love to wear a lot of (colorful) bracelets when I am on a vacation (Greece next month yay!). I picked out 3 different bracelets that look very cute together in my opinion.


WIN-ACTIE: Beauty & Fashion pakket (NL)

winnn Gisteren vroeg ik op Facebook en Twitter wat jullie liever wilde; een win-actie met veel fashion of met beauty. Maar nu heb ik een pakket samengesteld met voor ieder wat wils, woohoo! Er zitten mooie merken tussen zoals Benefit, OPI, Art Deco en Yankee Candle. Dit zijn ook absoluut mijn favoriete merken :-). Ook zitten er nog wat items verstopt, zo houden we het nog een beetje spannend! (meer…)

PRETTY INSPIRATION: How to create your own magic

DSC_5946 I write this article because I want to motivate myself and inspire others and help them to create their own magic like I created mine. I’ve been inspired to write this article for a couple of weeks now but I didn’t really know how to explain, the power of magic. Some of you might prefer ‘the law of attraction’. You can call it whatever you like, just don’t call it ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence.’ Because I believe in neither of those two.


Eye Wish opticiens event 2014

rijksmuseum eye wish Yesterdag night I went to an amazing fashion event. I was invited by Eye Wish opticiens to their first fashion show, where they showed glasses and sunglasses on their runway. The event took place in one of the biggest (and most beautiful) museums of Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum. A lot of press and bloggers were invited to this big event, it was very exciting:

I WANT TO WEAR: 3 outfits for fall

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-16 om 15.53.23
1. This is a typical, easy Josie outfit. White converse, comfortable skinny and a good sweater. Style it with some nice accessories and jewelry and you’re ready to go for your coffee date. I really like the camel colored hat from H&M. I already pre-ordered it online. Yes, I can’t wait to wear.  (meer…)

PERSONAL: Buying my first designer bag

DSC099251-1024x820 I can still remember it like it was just yesterday, it was june 11 2012. It was the day I bought my first designer bag. I have been drooling every time I saw someone with the Louis Vuitton speedy bag. My sister already had 2 designer bags and now it was my time ( at least that’s what I thought ). I had saved up for a long time because I only worked in the weekends. It would be my birthday the next day so I thought it would be an amazing birthday present to myself, I had a Kanye West moment (if you know what I mean).  (meer…)

Photo Diary #47

Another week has passed. It has been a busy week with a lot of plans and appointments. I’ve been giving good thought to my future lately and it’s all so exciting. Monday I went to the Ikea to get some things, I’m currently reading a super inspiring book and I shoot some more outfit pics, yay! (meer…)

OOTD – Fluffy as can be

F is for fluffy. I love fluffy items, they’re so cozy and warm and soft and.. I just love em! I also got myself some really comfortable classic chelsea boots. Finally, after looking for the perfect ones for over a year or so. We’re in between seasons in Holland, it’s kinds warm but leaves are falling off the trees. But I am not making excuses to drink hot coco, I have hot coco right next to me while writing this. No shame in my game. Anyway, I hope you like the outfit:

WANT: Coffee table books for fashionista’s

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-11 om 21.34.31
I love reading. I think I hated reading when I was younger until I read my first Gossip Girl book. As I told you girls before I am looking for an apartment and a job. Whenever I have my own living room I am sure to buy my own coffee table. I want to give my fashion books a nice spot in my home. I already bought Lauren Conrads Style and Beauty. When I am going on vacation I also read a lot so these are on my current wishlist : The little Dictionary of Fashion by Christan Dior,  It by Alexa Chung, The Fashion Book by Richard Martin and I really wanna read The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell ( I loved the series so much)!


If you have any recommendations for me, let me know! What is your favorite book or author? XO

My favorite jewelry

parel oorbellen
Jewelry can make your outfit or break your outfit, that why I never wear a lot of jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I love jewelry. It’s just sometimes, I forget about it. However I am more a sunglasses/handbags kinda girl. For me, it’s all about timeless items and I don’t like too much color.  (meer…)

OOTD – Back to the basics

Back to the basics, back to my old dark hair color. It’s getting dark outside earlier and my wardrobe is filling itself with darker items also. I don’t really mind, I love running around looking like a fashionable ninja. No but really, the color black is easy, elegant and cool. You can do anything with black items! I also found these old Converse Allstars in my old closet. I almost forget how comfortable the are, I guess I missed them. Welcome back :-). I am also really obsessed with everything pearly, check out my new double pearl earrings. (meer…)

My everyday make-up products

I think I will never have enough make-up ( bad bad Josie! ). But almost every girl that really loves make-up will say the same. We just can’t help ourselves at the MAC store. I literally drool when I’m at the Benefit counter in Douglas. I haven’t bought any new make-up in a couple of weeks because I am waiting for my make-up package for my new school that starts 23 september. I wanted to share my everyday make-up products that I cannot live without. Well I could but I don’t want to because I love these products.