About Mary Josie

Hi! You may know me from my social media channels like Youtube or Instagram. Or maybe you have been following my blog since 2012, when it was all about make-up and fashion. Over the years I have been expanding my platform and growing it into something beautiful. I share my passion about wellness, self care and the magic of life itself. I am also founder of New Moon magazine, an online magazine about astrology, veganism and so much more.

While I’ve been sharing my personal stories on social media in collaboration with different brands like OnePlus, OtterBox and Cluse, I’ve also been creating content for the social media of other well known companies.

This little space on the internet will be used for the things I can’t share this way on my other channels. You can expect a lot of self care advice tips, travel diaries and love letters to the things that make me thrive in life.  Lots of love, Josie.

Mary Josie / 24 / creative director, photographer, illustrator, graphic designer / info@maryjosie.com