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Today’s outfit


ootd mary josie
What, Am I back to blogging? Who knows. But I’ve been really feeling the urge to come back to my little place on the internet. I am going to Schiphol today to pick up my parents, they were in Cuba for the last 2 weeks (super jealous!). I mean, I could use a tan but I can’t complain because I am going to Paris at the end of this month. I’m always in the mood for Paris :-).  Continue Reading




I am so so excited to share this big news with you today! I am MOVING to Rotterdam, if you have been following me on Instagram (here), you probably have seen the Insta stories of my moving boxes. I heard the news when I was in LA a month ago  that I was able to move into an apartment in Rotterdam, so it was kinda unexpected. But so happy about it! I can’t wait to post more in the interior category on my blog and show you all my new (vintage) finds. I need to do a LOT of shopping.. Eeeek!

Anyway, I am making a big cup of tea right now and scrolling to Pinterest for inspo. Talk to you soon XO.


Summer is over


Goodbye summer, you were good to me. Fall has got me so excited, it’s my favourite season. I just love this summer/fall transitioning. To me, it means a new wardrobe, coffee dates when it’s raining outside, reading books in bed, wearing cozy things. I just love it. I think this week is the only ‘real fall’ I am going to get because Saturday I am flying to LAX for 2 months. Going to bike around Venice Beach and hike through the Hollywood hills. I am brining some warmer clothes with me because me and Melanie really want to go to San Fransisco and because it’s more up North, it can be a little bit chilly. Continue Reading


Rainy Tuesday


mary Josie
It’s a Tuesday afternoon and it’s raining. I thought we would get a super hot summer this year but this season is slowly turning into (a too warm and wet) fall. I would love to get on a plane right now in stead of waiting one more month to go to Los Angeles. This is going to be my fifth time visiting this city. Some may think that’s boring but there’s so much to see in California and every time it gets better and better.

I just finished working, not a lot to do when it’s constantly raining outside so I decided to chill inside and catch up on some blogs. I really forgot how much I enjoy blogging sometimes so I can’t wait to share my adventures in LA  next month. Also, will post more style and interior related posts!