How to unwind after a long day

There is nothing sweeter than coming home after a long day when it’s cold outside. It’s so cosy inside during the winter months; I light a candle, grab a blanket. Here’s how to unwind after a long day:

How to live a more spiritual life

I feel like my life is in perfect flow right now, everything that is happening, needs to happen. I haven’t felt like this in a while and I think it was because I wasn’t living a spiritual life. I wasn’t trying to learn, heal and grow in that direction. Honestly,…

My first e-book Life From A Bowl

Two years ago I went vegan. A choice I made with my heart and never regretted a single minute after I made it. It was too obvious for me; I love animals, I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle AND I want to do everything I could to become a…

Getting ready for summer

Getting ready for summer

Not only have I been working out a lot more over the last three months, I also feel like I’ve been working a lot more and therefore not feeling the fittest. Feeling the pressure to finish things and get new things on my list have never been this high. That’s why…