I am so so excited to share this big news with you today! I am MOVING to Rotterdam, if you have been following me on Instagram (here), you probably have seen the Insta stories of my moving boxes. I heard the news when I was in LA a month ago…

Los Angeles diary #1

I cannot believe it’s already been a week without giving an update of my life in LA. Here’s what happened:

Summer is over

Goodbye summer, you were good to me. Fall has got me so excited, it’s my favourite season. I just love this summer/fall transitioning. To me, it means a new wardrobe, coffee dates when it’s raining outside, reading books in bed, wearing cozy things. I just love it. I think this…

mary Josie

Rainy Tuesday

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and it’s raining. I thought we would get a super hot summer this year but this season is slowly turning into (a too warm and wet) fall. I would love to get on a plane right now in stead of waiting one more month to go…