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Today’s outfit


ootd mary josie
What, Am I back to blogging? Who knows. But I’ve been really feeling the urge to come back to my little place on the internet. I am going to Schiphol today to pick up my parents, they were in Cuba for the last 2 weeks (super jealous!). I mean, I could use a tan but I can’t complain because I am going to Paris at the end of this month. I’m always in the mood for Paris :-).  Continue Reading


Vegan bags baby



I am not going to lie, sometimes when you’re a fashion and style enthusiast, being vegan isn’t always easy. I used to go shopping every week and I love taking trips to department stores with friends. Even if it’s just to smell and look around, isn’t that a little crazy? When I went vegan a little over a year ago I wanted to make sure I did it the right way. It’s so sad that almost all fashion designers still use a lot of animal products for their creations. I didn’t want to buy any more animal products but I promised myself I wouldn’t throw away my leather and wool items before I found items to replace them. I sold my DR Martens and replaced them by my new vegan pair and I bought myself a black Matt & Nat bag that fits my laptop.  Continue Reading


Quick outfit shots


a love story

I went for brunch with my friend Xavier today. Sundays are perfect for coffee, good conversation and avocado toast. I also had a super delicious smoothie, I can’t remember all of the ingredients but it had (cookie?) spices, pumpkin and almond milk in it (note to self: make it yourself). We took some quick outfit shots and I thought it would be a fun idea to post some more outfit photo’s on my blog in the future, long time since I’ve done that. Also, I have some super exciting news that I would LOVE to share with you soon, so let’s chat later xx


Fall is here


fall moodboard


I’ve already been here for a week. A whole week, can you believe it? I went from cold and wet Holland weather to sunny bright days in LA. I am not mad about it. Even though I was kind of prepping for fall back home, it feels like I am back to summer in Los Angeles. Which is, of course, a good thing since I dislike cold and wet weather. If you haven’t noticed, I like to escape such circumstances. Anyway, I was biking my way through Lincoln Boulevard when I saw a sign saying “Fall is here”. Let me be honest,  I do get into the autumn spirit here on this part of the west coast. Yeah, everything in the stores is pumpkin spice flavoured and you basically see pumpkins and Halloween decorations everywhere but it’s not cold and wet like back home. Continue Reading


Thrift shopping


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Yesterday I went thrift shopping. I went to two thrift shops, first stop was Episode and later Ruby Lee Vintage. The lady who works there was so nice, really good vibes! I found a scarf that I will wear as a top and this brown sailor hat at Episode. In the second store I found a pair of vintage Levi’s shorts, so happy.

I really love vintage shopping because it’s way more fun and you kind of have to be lucky to find something in your size and style. Also, it’s way better for the environment to buy second hand.

Have a great Sunday babes!