Vegan bags baby

I am not going to lie, sometimes when you’re a fashion and style enthusiast, being vegan isn’t always easy. I used to go shopping every week and I love taking trips to department stores with friends. Even if it’s just to smell and look around, isn’t that a little crazy?…

a love story

Quick outfit shots

I went for brunch with my friend Xavier today. Sundays are perfect for coffee, good conversation and avocado toast. I also had a super delicious smoothie, I can’t remember all of the ingredients but it had (cookie?) spices, pumpkin and almond milk in it (note to self: make it yourself)….

fall moodboard

Fall is here

  I’ve already been here for a week. A whole week, can you believe it? I went from cold and wet Holland weather to sunny bright days in LA. I am not mad about it. Even though I was kind of prepping for fall back home, it feels like I…


Thrift shopping

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Yesterday I went thrift shopping. I went to two thrift shops, first stop was Episode and later Ruby Lee Vintage. The lady who works there was so nice, really good vibes! I foundĀ a scarf that I will wear as a top and this brown sailor…