Kisses from Oahu

I can’t believe I am in Hawaii, this is seriously a dream come true. We are staying within walking distance from Waikiki beach (more pictures on my iG), one of the famous beaches on Oahu. The view from our hotel room is crazy too, you can see the beach, the…

ink hotel 2018

Drinks at the INK hotel

Happy Sunday! This week ¬†was such a busy week, but I loved it. I had a lot of projects that I had to finish and on Thursday I went to Amsterdam with my blogger babe Anouk. We had a shooting day at the INK Hotel, located within a 10 minute…


Joshua Tree

I think it’s one of my favourite places to escape to. It’s like being on a whole different planet. When the sun starts to set it’s so magical. It’s a bit of a drive from Los Angeles, but it’s a 100 % worth it. Last year was my first time…