Details of my new bedroom

Since I planned to move to Rotterdam, I knew my bedroom was going to be a big deal. It had to be perfect, as I always had imagined. I pinned so many ideas and images to my interior boards on Pinterest, I could keep scrolling forever. I liked different kind of styles: French, Bohemian, minimalistic. I really thought it was going to be easy to decorate, turned out I am super picky and I actually don’t own a lot of stuff to decorate. But there was one thing that I was sure of; it had to look clean and spacious.

The walls were already white so that was great – I’ve always love a simple white wall. You can do so much to it. I decided to go for a minimalistic bedroom – with some tropical (or bohemian) touches. I have my framed palmtrees print above my bed, right with my waxing moon print. Next to my bed I have a little stand with my favourite crystal and a golden shell I found at the flea market, I get a lot of questions about this shell on Instagram, I am in love with it too. I usually put my earrings in it.

I love pillows, soft blankets and a warm throw. A comfortable bed needs to have the best sheets ever. I want to experience the ‘hotel bed feeling’ in my own home. My friend actually told me my bedding looked like they came from a luxurious hotel. They look simple, clean and chic – perfect. They feel soft but firm. Mine if from Living Comfort btw.

bedroom1bedroom4 bedroom7 bedroom6bedroom8

I also get a lot of questions about my new desk. And guess what? It’s from IKEA. It has 3 small drawers that are perfect for storing make-up palettes, elastics, testers and other small stuff. I have my make-up bag on top of it, since I am not using a lot of different make-up products right now. It’s easier for me to have my go to products in one place so I am super fast in the morning. I also have my skincare and brushes on my desk. And of course, my favourite soy candle that my boyfriend got me, I love it so much because it actually smells like his place in Los Angeles.


To give my room a little more boho vibes I hung up my summer dress and favourite bag that I took to Hawaii.  I think it works as decoration pretty well!? As If I can just grab it off my wall and get ready for the beach in 5 minutes. For now, I am really satisfied with how my bedroom looks. I feel like it’s finally finished – I can’t wait to finish the living room and show you all. It’s a little project and I love working on it :-).

Do you like my bedroom? XX


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