Getting ready for summer

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Not only have I been working out a lot more over the last three months, I also feel like I’ve been working a lot more and therefore not feeling the fittest. Feeling the pressure to finish things and get new things on my list have never been this high. That’s why I decided that after my Los Angeles trip (flying back home in 2 days), I am going to do a summer detox. I am getting ready for summer.

Now this doesn’t mean I am going to get myself some sort of 9 day juice cleanse at the juice bar. I am going to dedicate myself to MYSELF for the next months. This means a healthy diet, healthy relationships, a healthy and clean home, a happy body and mind. I am excited to create new routines and try new ways to cleanse my body and soul. And I can’t wait to share my ideas with you, maybe you can even try them yourself.

1. Sweat more.

I’ve been loving to go to pilates and spinning classes. I never thought I would actually LIKE to work out (not loving it yet). For the first time in my life I am actually capable of enjoying exercise. In the past I have tried running but it wasn’t something I loved to do and now that I found something I like to do, it’s way easier to persevere. There are so many amazing benefits when it comes to sweating. For example; it helps to lower your stress hormones and promotes a healthy skin. Sweating can be done by sitting in a sauna or working out. I’ve added some more hot pilates and yoga to my schedule ;-).

2. Take more vitamins.

One of the first things that you worry about when you go vegan is the vitamin b12. It’s a vitamin that is hard to find in non animal products and therefore hard for the body to take in when you live a plant based lifestyle. Even though I take my b12 pills very regularly, I still think it’s important to get my blood tested. I need to know that my diet is healthy and that I am taking the right (amount) of supplements. I think going to a doctor for my blood test is the right way to start this ‘cleanse’ so I can adjust my healthy diet for the coming months.

3. Making room for new routines

The hardest part about new routines, is learning them. I am quick to forget something and I end up messing up the whole routine. I am determined to change my old routine and even creating new ones and stick to it, for once. This means adding more essential oils to my routines for mental health benefits. It also means adding more healthy foods (vegetables, seeds, nuts etc) to my diet. Drinking a green smoothie every morning to help my digestive system and skin. Can’t wait to feel the results after sticking to a plan.

4. Spend more time in nature.

The winter was so cold and rainy, it made me really miss being outside. Spending time inside is cozy and can be fun during the holidays but I just really miss walking through forests and going to the beach. I am so happy I finally get to spend more time in nature (and the sun). Of course I was lucky enough to spend some time in sunny Hawaii and Los Angeles during February, but my body wants more vitamin D and I am really excited to get myself a bike and to walk more often (instead of driving everywhere).

5. Making time for me.

For some reason it sounds selfish to make time for yourself when you are in a committed relationship. But in my opinion it is super healthy. We have to spend time with ourselves to feel grounded, loved by ourselves and to clear our minds. There is nothing wrong with wondering off by yourself sometimes, even if people will look at you weirdly. I think it’s rather fabulous to spend time at a café, sitting in the sun, reading a book and enjoying a beverage. There is nothing sad about enjoying time alone.

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