My favourite vegan friendly spots in Rotterdam

flower burger

Aaaah, I love being a vegan in Rotterdam. It seems like every month the city is becoming more and more vegan friendly. It’s about time that I share my favourite spots with you. I made a little list of spots where you can enjoy a plant based meal and your carnivore friends will still love it :
Flower Burger. Last week my friend Sophie and I decided to try Flower Burger. We had seen the coloured buns on instagram and we got really curious about the plant based burgers ourselves. You can find the buns in all different colours; pink, yellow, blue, black. We both tried a different one and I picked the classic ‘flower burger’ burger. It was pretty good and I will be back, for sure!

Jack bean. I will have to be honest, I only tried their brownie but the place looks promising. It’s the first fast food restaurant in Rotterdam that is 100% plant based. You can get bowls, mac-n-cheese and burgers. The brownie was amazing but I cannot wait to try more on the menu.


The Harvest. On walking distance from  Rotterdam Centraal (train station) you can find The Harvest. This restaurants serves local and seasonal products. My friend and I got curious and ordered a little bit of everything that was vegan and of course a glass of red wine. We shared vegan ‘meatballs’ in tomato sauce, potatoes, seitan-saté with homemade saté sauce and lots of veggies. Wessel, the owner was super friendly and had invited me to check out The Harvest and I will definitely go back soon.

De Kade. A true feast for vegans because at De Kade you can find a never ending vegan menu. This Chinese and Surinam restaurant is one of Rotterdam’s best restaurants in my opinion. They also serve meat so you can always go with your friends that are not living a vegan lifestyle. My favourite? The sweet and sour ‘chicken’. Ahh, so good!


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