Sustainable gift guide for Christmas

sustainable gifts for christmasIt is already december which means that almost everyone is making their wish lists or looking for the perfect gifts for their families and loved ones (including me). I personally like Christmas because it brings back happy memories of my past. It’s tradition that I come together with my family and we gift each other presents and we enjoy home cooked food. This year we are going to make an all vegan buffet and I am so excited for it. My family is not vegan and I am the only one so I am really happy they want to do this with me. When it comes to finding presents for others I am very picky haha.

I made a list of cool sustainable gifts you can get for your friends or whoever you are celebrating Christmas with. Maybe you even see some items you want to gift to yourself ;-)

Adidas Stan Smith x Stella McCartney sneakers. I love these sneakers so much because these are two of my favourite brands. As a vegan it is really hard to find a cool sustainable sneaker that is not made out of leather or any animal products. Adidas and Stella McCartney worked together to create a vegan Stan Smith. They are high on my wishlist because they are so easy to combine. I’d style them with a cool furry coat and some nice Levi’s jeans.

Talking about Stella.. if you are lucky enough to spend a little bit more money or ask for a luxury handbag; the Falabella bag is a great alternative. It might be a little bit pricy but I still wanted to mention this beautiful bag because it’s also vegan and made of very sustainable materials. A bag to have for the rest of your life.

If you have anyone in your family with a pet; ethical and toxic free pet toys are a cool gift. I am getting a dog in January so I have already been looking out for safe and sustainable toys that don’t contain dangerous materials.

A year ago I bought myself these cool coconut bowls and they are still looking amazing. Coconut bowls can last you many many years. They still look brand new and they make my food look extra good. I also use them as serving bowls for when I have guests.

Last month I was gifted these amazing metal straws. Obviously they are WAY more sustainable than plastic or paper straws. A musthave for any household. It’s also great for when you are on the go and trying to be more ‘plastic free’.

I have always been a huge lover of LUSH. They are very smart when it comes to packaging (sometimes no packaging at all since it is not always necessary). My favourite product is “Tender is The Night”. It works as an oil based massage bar but you can also use it as a thick body butter. The smell is AMAZING!

For that wellness lover in the family you can go for a jade or rose quartz roller. They have been using this for so many years in China and it finally got popular in the Western world. The jade roller is a tool you can use on your skin. It has so many benefits and it also looks beautiful on any vanity dresser.

Another really nice gift to give to yourself or someone else is a journal. I think I wrote about journaling before but it’s an amazing way to release stress and help you to reflect. I think this is a really nice gift for a close friend or family member that loves to write.

What is on your wish list? And what did you think of these ideas? XO


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